Sony is known for making the most advanced cameras in the world. As a well-known camera manufacturer, the company never fails to innovate every year. They always come up with a better camera that has the most advanced features. Just like every other year, Sony has not failed to deliver a quality product as it recently announced Alpha 1, a $6500 mirrorless camera that features a 50.1-megapixel sensor. It can record up to 8k at 30 frames per second and is capable of shooting continuous photos up to 30 images per second.


As it can be understood from some of its features, the new camera is a powerhouse. Unfortunately, it has been priced way higher than other high-end mirrorless cameras from Canon and Nikon. But Sony does have a good reason for the price tag. They have claimed that Alpha 1 is the most innovative and technologically advanced camera ever made by them.

The camera can shoot great sports and action videos and photographs. Even while shooting continuous photos up to 30 frames per second it can produce 165 full-frame JPEG images or 155 full-frame compressed RAW images. The viewfinder of Alpha 1 has a refresh rate of 240Hz. No camera in the past has had a better viewfinder than Sony’s Alpha 1. The autoexposure and autofocus system of the camera can make up to 120 calculations every second.

Sony is well-known for manufacturing cameras with the best autofocus system. The Alpha 1 Eye AF is better than any other device you can buy. The Eye AF is fast and can work even on birds. Sony claims the optimized algorithms are fast enough to track birds in flight. No camera has ever come close to perfecting autofocus like Sony, the Alpha 1 is, therefore, a great option for people who are interested in wildlife photography and videography.

Sony has made other useful adjustments and improvements to several other features like increasing the Flash sync speeds up to 1/400 sec while the silent electronics shutter supports sync speeds as fast as 1/200 sec. The 30fps continuous shooting has been improved as well and there are no blackouts anymore. The camera can shoot 8K videos at 30fps and 4k videos at 120fps. With an external recorder, one can also shoot a 16-bit RAW video.

The all-new Alpha 1 by Sony is arguably the best mirrorless camera ever made. Sony has been doing manufacturing the best cameras in the last few years but Alpha 1 has surpassed all past expectations. Although it is quite expensive, the price can be justified considering what the camera offers. If you are looking for a great mirrorless camera and budget is not a problem, Alpha 1 is the ideal gadget.

Reasons Why The Ad Agency Has A Bright Future In India

In modern times, various career options in creative fields like fashion designing, media, interior designing, etc., are available for the new generation. But, constant doubt and certain levels of resistance in the minds of the older generation has been observed, regarding the scope and success in these fields for a stable future. To clear the clouds of doubt from the minds of the older generation, we will provide some logical reasons, as to why there is tremendous scope for the upcoming generation to work in an ad agency or a media firm in India. India is progressing at a great speed in various fields, while the new generation is exposed to the world through the internet and other mediums. This has broadened their outlook, and boosted their creativity to a large extent.

Urbanization – With each passing day, constant development in technology is being observed at a noticeable rate. The metro cities in India are a good place for people to earn good money. People from rural areas migrate to the big cities in India, for a better lifestyle and more money. To cater to the needs of the growing population and generate awareness amongst the people about the wide range of products available in the market, more advertising is required. This has increased the scope of the creative ad agency, to generate advertisements that will reach out to the mass audience, generate awareness and build loyalty.

Popularity Of Credit Cards – As the lifestyle of people has changed, their demand for new products have increased. Credit Card companies have smartly come up with the concept of “Buy now and Pay Later”, which makes people exceed their budgets, and buy products which were out of their reach, until a few years ago. It is very important for the creative advertising agency to come up with witty concepts to advertise these products and schemes, that will directly trigger the minds of the customers. Thus, popularity of credit cards has increased the scope of advertising in India.

Rising Literacy Rate And Popularity Of Internet – An immense rise in the literacy rate is being observed in India. This has made things easier for the advertising agency to promote and market products through different mediums like TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. These mediums are widely used on a daily basis and prove to be a great source for various products, to gain popularity amongst the masses. Popularity of the internet and a wider use of online services, has also given the media agencies another great platform to advertise the products efficiently. This medium is cheaper, compared to other mediums and has a wide reach which makes it one of the best platforms to advertise any product.

Regulations That An Ad Agency Must Follow, While Advertising

In the current economy, almost 90% of brands and companies work on the ‘Trust’ and ‘Popularity’ factors. The trust that consumers have for a brand and the popularity of a brand, defines the success of that brand. To achieve this, advertisers come up with new ideas everyday to connect with their respective consumers and stay unique in their ads. However, there are regulations that every ad agency must follow to maintain the positive reputation and loyalty of their consumers. There are various self-regulations formed by the Trade Associations and BBB (Better Businesses Bureau) to provide the customers with sincere content in the ads.

The Trade Associations have developed a self-regulatory program. This is restricted particularly to industries, whose advertisements may lead to controversies. Industries that produce alcoholic beverages, drugs and other products that lure young children, fall into this list. The use of surrogacy while advertising products like alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Scheduling ads of frivolous products for children in the hours that match famous cartoons, are not allowed. These ads would pressurize parents to buy products for their kids, that are not needed. Today, advertising is a crucial part for any business to flourish. Hence, a creative ad agency making ads for companies that generate such products, should take due care of the above rules.

The Better Business Bureau promotes fair advertising and selling practices all over the country. BBB started in the year 1961. Their job was to notice and take action against any complaints received from consumers, about incorrect local business practices. BBB have laid simple rules for any creative advertising agency, which are:

) To maintain high standards of truth in their advertisements;

2) To give accurate information to the consumers; and

3) To give social messages in national ads.

The advertisers have to strictly maintain these rules in their ads, to keep up the good image of their brand, and gain more loyalty added with popularity.

These days, it is very important for an advertising agency to follow all the guidelines that are set by the self-regulatory bodies, to maintain highest standards in advertising. Use of puffery while advertising a product, or giving information to consumers is strictly prohibited. For a successful business, it is very important to gain the loyalty and trust of your consumers. Trust is gained by transparency and honesty while advertising your product. Hence, it is advisable to all the ad agencies to follow all the guidelines, and create their ads accordingly.